Group Training for Women

with Coach Sofia Ansari

Awakening of Female Power
18-19 may, Limassol, Cyprus


This training helps you: 

  • When you need to solve a specific situation, and you do not know how to do it  
  • If you need to gain self-confidence
  • When you need to make the right choice
  • When you want to unleash your talents and abilities

  • When you want to know your destiny 
  • When you need to adjust any area of your life 

You can come to this training
with any question that may concern
any area of your life to solve it

  • Family, relationships, partner search

  • Finance, business

  • Work, career 

  • Purpose, abilities  

  • Beauty, health, weight loss

  • Luck, fulfillment of desires


At the Training:  

  • Diagnosis of your situation and consultation
  • Rituals to cleanse energy
  • Practices to address your situation
  • Training in the application of these practices
  • The strengthening of feminine energy, sexuality, attractiveness


Тraining Рrogram


1 day

  • Acquaintance

  • Diagnostics and consultation

  • Training in individual practices 

  • Lunch

  • Evening practice of purification

  • Conversation



2 day

  • Check homework

  • Morning practice (pumping sexuality and attractiveness)

  • Training in individual esoteric techniques for the realization of your desire

  • Lunch

  • Meditation

  • Evening practice of harmonization of your energy

  • Wrap-up 

  • Response to question

After this training,

you get:


  • Answers to questions about your situation and recommendations, what to do
  • Working-through your situation to resolve it 
  • Individual practices and techniques to achieve goals
  • Harmonization of your energy, strengthening female attractiveness and sexuality 
  • Discovering your potential and gaining self-confidence 


 The cost of participation in the training

350 Euro

of these, 200 euros in advance


Coach Sofia Ansari



Esoteric, yogi, parapsychologist,
tarologist, numerologist, 
women's coach,

author of systems My Universe

and 12 Zodiacs


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